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National Train Tickets
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National Train Tickets

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Amsterdam Den Haag - one way
Amsterdam Den Haag - two way
Den Haag Amsterdam - one way
Amsterdam - Rotterdam - one way
Amsterdam - Rotterdam - two way
Rotterdam - Amsterdam - two way
Amsterdam - Utrecht - one way
Amsterdam - Utrecht - two way
Utrecht - Amsterdam - one way
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We selected the best train travels for you in the Netherlands. The train network of the Netherlands is one of the best in the world with multiple stops in each city.

Despite the fact that the infrastructure is great purchasing tickets in the stations is hard because of the following reasons:

  • Long waiting lines at the service centers from the Dutch Train company (NS)
  • Difficult ticket machines where you are charged for creditcard costs
  • You will get a chip card and when you forget to login or out you will get a fine

That is why we offer you this easy service of the e- ticket. With the e-ticket you have the following advantages:

  • Skip the line at the long waiting lines at the service centers or at the ticket machines and go directly to the train
  • The tickets will be scanned by the employees of the train company inside the train and you don’t risk a fine because you don´t have to check-in anywhere

From Amsterdam you can take the train to Den Haag, Rotterdam or Utrecht. After your purchase you will get the tickets send by email.

How does it work?

x When you departure from Amsterdam to Utrecht, Rotterdam or Den Haag and you want to return on the same day choose for a ´two way ticket´.

x When you want to departure from Amsterdam to a different city and return a different day choose one way ticket ´Amsterdam – Utrecht´ and one way ticket ´Utrecht – Amsterdam´

x When you want a one way ticket for Amsterdam to a different city choose a one way ticket.